Fostering for Paws4Survival

**Interested in fostering? Check out the details below. Please download this form and return to to talk about our fostering opportunities!!


Fostering is one of the most valuable ways you can help our dogs and Paws4Survival. By temporarily welcoming a sato into your home, you will give him or her the best chance at a successful adoption, and you will help us save more dogs.  At this point we do not have a foster program for our cats. 

We rely on foster families to care for our dogs while they await a forever home. We are particularly in need of fosters in MA, RI, CT, NH, NY or NJ.

Fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding things you can do, and you will help ensure that the dog will be ready to win over a new forever family.

Paws4Survival will cover any necessary veterinary expenses, and are available to talk through or provide help with anything that may arise as your foster adjusts to his/her new surroundings.

Some direct quotes from our wonderful fosters about their experience:

"I find the reward in knowing that I am a part of this puppy/dog's journey to his forever home."

 “I am a foster failure twice because yes it's difficult to let them go but the two I kept came into my life for a reason.” 

 “I like to stay in contact with new owner to see the evolution of the family/pack." 

Frequently Asked Questions

 How long will my foster dog be staying with me?

  • It usually takes between 1 week and 6 weeks to find a forever home for the foster.

What if I have a planned vacation?

  • We will ensure that someone can care for the dog while you are away.

Will I be given information about the dog prior to him/her arriving? 

  • We will be happy to send you a picture, provide age, weight and any information we have on the dog’s personality.

Are the dogs cat and dog tested? 

  • Most of our dogs are fostered in Puerto Rico with other dogs. Some of them are fostered with cats. We are always mindful of the existing dogs/cats/children in the foster home, and try to place animals accordingly.

Will I need to pick the dog up at the airport? 

  • If possible, we would like the foster to pick up the dog from the airport, and one of our volunteers will meet you there. If this is not possible we can have a volunteer transport the dog for you.

Can I walk the dog off leash in a park or outside a fenced yard?

  • We ask that the dog is kept on leash unless in a fully fenced in area. We would also prefer that the dog is not taken to a dog park.

What is the process for meeting potential adopters? 

  • An adoption coordinator will arrange a convenient time for both you and the potential adopters to meet the dog at your home provided their adoption application is approved.

Will I have input into who the dog is adopted to? 

  • Absolutely! If an adoption application is approved, that does not guarantee that the adopters can adopt the dog. The people interested in your foster dog will meet the dog and ask you questions. If you do not feel the adopters are the right fit then we would not finalize the adoption.