The perfect team — 

 The 3 Satos from playa Chiropolis

The 3 Satos from playa Chiropolis

Nicole DiPaolo, Founder & President

In July 2014, Nicole visited Puerto Rico for the first time. Her husband grew up in Arroyo and upon reaching his hometown Nicole was in tears. With the help of another organization, she rescued 3 Satos from Playa Chiropolis. She began fostering and advocating as much as she could. In August 2015, Meryl and Nicole decided to work together on their own and Paws4Survival Rescue Inc. was born.

In addition to dedicating her time to Puerto Rico rescue, she is employed with Verizon as a Project Manager and also a certified Wildlife Rehabilitator for the State of Massachusetts.  

 Meryl & her rescue dog bailey

Meryl & her rescue dog bailey

Meryl Alexander, Adoption & Foster Care Coordinator

Meryl was on vacation in 2009, reading a magazine and there was an article that changed her life. It talked about the horrible plight of dogs in Puerto Rico. For the last 6 years, she has volunteered for Animal Rescue organizations that rescue dogs from Puerto Rico. She has found hundreds of dogs the most wonderful, loving forever homes. Meryl has worked with the most amazing people who have the heart, love and commitment to foster the sweet satos. She will always be involved in animal rescue and one step at a time we can make a difference for the satos of Puerto Rico.

Keiko Matsumura, New York Foster Mom and Transport Volunteer

Keiko is an incredibly devoted dog mom to her rescue Hannah and to the many fosters she has welcomed into her home.  She teaches the dogs to put their past behind them and learn to love life in Brooklyn and New York City. Keiko advocates for the dogs of Puerto Rico by fostering them, transporting dogs to other fosters, and promoting & spreading the word about our rescue and the plight of the dogs to her friends, family and colleagues. Several of Keiko's dog-loving friends have adopted satos and are willing to foster. They all love the precious satos that they meet, adopt and or foster.



Gina and George

Julie Pabian, Social Media Coordinator

 A life-long dog lover, Julie and her husband adopted their first sato in 2014. After learning what he--and countless other satos--endured, she knew she had to do something to help. Julie began working with Paws4Survival after adopting her second sato, a Paws alum named Antonio. Julie manages our website and social media outreach efforts, fosters and helps with fundraiser planning. She also works full-time in educational publishing. 

Gina & George, NY Foster Parents

Gina and George and their 3 dogs Boomer, Moose and Delilah welcome each foster dog into their home with lots of wagging tails.  Gina and George are open to fostering any dog - size, age, breed does not matter to them.  They just want to shower the dog with lots of love and care until we find the perfect forever home.  In addition to fostering, Gina and George also transport travel crates back to JFK airport to be sent to Puerto Rico so that the next groups of dogs can take their liberation flight to find forever homes.  Gina also transports dogs from JFK to their foster homes in New Jersey, Brooklyn and NY City.


Sammy Rodriguez, Transport Coordinator for Puerto Rico

Sammy has been volunteering for Paws4Survival for the last several months, and he is a tremendous asset to our team. Many of you may remember Brownie, now Sammy, (named after his foster dad!), who are pictured at the left. Sammy rescued this sweet boy and fostered and loved him while Brownie was going through our vetting protocols. Brownie was adopted by a wonderful family, and he is living quite a charmed life. Sammy also rescued Happy and fostered and loved her until she was ready to take her liberation flight to New York. Sammy is the proud dad of 3 Satos and 2 two legged children... Samuel, Rosybel, Pongo, Golda and Choko